We will give the students the topic “What is Beauty?” and they will use the mini HD cameras to shoot their interpretation of this topic in their own unique way in one shot, without cutting or pausing, 60 seconds or less.

Theme "Hidden Treasure." The students will all meet at a distinct community landmark location. In this case, THE LA BREA TAR PITS. They will use the cameras to make a little art film of what they think is special about the landmark location. One shot has to be a wide shot. One shot has to be a moving shot (i.e. handheld motion, pans, zooms, tilts). One shot has to be a close-up shot. The three shots (wide, moving, close) can be in any order the young filmmaker wants. Each shot can be any length as long as the final art film time is 90 seconds.

Vote based on how interesting their interpretations are and how close they were to the timing.