What's a Mobiflick?Mobiflicks are 6 minute digital films using digital cameras provided by Canon. Participants gather their own teams and submit a story idea online prior to the festival. Eight teams are chosen based on story relevance and production potential. They work on the project throughout the week of the festival, from script development to production and editing. What is Cell Phone Art?Cell Phone Art is a 1-minute or less, continuously shot video based on a particular topic, usually something broadly relevant to the local community. The left side of the theater screen displays the Cell Phone Art theme for the active video. What's a DigiPortrait?On a video-enabled cell phone, participants create a 2-minute portrait of themselves or another person. What is Circus Vision?Using a video phone, children ages 14 and under embark on a scavenger hunt to gather a list of visual ingredients at a specified location. The ingredients are the same for every festival. Watch how kids interpret the same concepts! What's a Tone Poem?Musicians record visual imagery on a Flip video camera that portrays their own original music composed during the festival.