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Travelling across the United States and overseas, PAH-FEST is a groundbreaking digital media festival that celebrates the stories and voices of everyday people. Through a variety of fun and exciting contests, local participants are invited to create their own short digital films with pro-sumer cameras and video-enabled mobile phones provided by the Festival. Experienced industry “coaches” help festival participants realize their vision within the allotted timeframe. Finished pieces are posted on the PAH-FEST online theater, where celebrity judges and the public choose the winning entries. The winners are screened for the local population in a closing ceremony, and cash prizes awarded.

PAH-FEST’s goal is to use the democratizing power of the digital media revolution and the internet to connect people from all walks of life. Visual storytelling is the new universal language, particularly amongst young people. PAH-FEST offers participants the opportunity to discover the “artist within us all,” and to provide entertaining, quality content to the general public.