The PAH Manifesto:

Project Accessible Hollywood


The Philosophy

Every human being has a story to tell:  a memory, a dream, a legend, whether factual or fiction. Individually, our range of stories is infinite. Together, we are a powerful agent for honest, positive, communication. In the past, entertainment was a business of the few, distributed to the many. Today, visual storytelling is being built upon an open source methodology, accessible to everyone: “Think it, Shoot it, Share it.” Look around you, the change is here, but how will you participate?

The Responsibility

Ongoing advances in digital technology promise to swing open the storytelling doors to all who step through. But many are afraid, or simply lack the skills to take that step.  Even though we are surrounded by technology, many of us are still uncomfortable making full use of what this new media has to offer.  Others could be left behind due to economic factors.  Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH) seeks to educate people and communities on using simple digital media while encouraging them to express themselves artistically.  Some of the best stories have been shared around a campfire or at the kitchen table.  Today, technology has helped bring people from across town to across the oceans, to sit at the same virtual campfire. PAH will protect the spirit of storytelling, while bringing it into the 21st century.

The Festival

PAH-FEST is a week-long, digital media festival, traveling to cities throughout the US and internationally. The PAH-FEST encourages visual storytelling, fosters civic engagement, and promotes the production of fictional and documentary videos, which will be shared and enjoyed globally. People from all walks of life, with engaging story ideas, are provided with digital equipment and a professional “helping hand,” enabling them to create their own short digital films. Participants acquire confidence in handling cell phones, digital cameras and computers, while having fun learning the skills to visually tell their stories and portray their communities. The PAH Nation is an interactive, online community which will allow the sharing of the new media created in the festivals to advance dialogue and understanding worldwide.  The word is spreading, from person to person, community to community, across borders and beyond. Our stories are being told, and shared, and appreciated. This is the PAH Nation. We welcome you.

Explore this website to learn more about where PAH’s been, where PAH’s going, and how you can sign on.

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