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The Circus Vision Challenge


Children 12 and under participate in a smart phone visual treasure hunt and win a prize. Using a video enabled cell phone or apocket camcorder, children will meet at a specific location to interpret and shoot these 7 universal circus symbols: Rings, Colors, Funny, Flying, Balance, Animals and Opposites. They will string the shots together into a time with the help of our PAH staff. They will have 5 hours to complete the task. The Circus Vision piece that interprets the list of visual ingredients the most uniquely, but accurately will win the prize.

Everybody sees things differently, even on the same timeline and at the same location. That's the beauty of the three-ring circus. There are often simultaneous acts going on in the three rings, and each member of the family would observe something different and take it home to share. Thus, the Greatest Show on Earth would live on after the fact. The Digital Arena is just another three-ring circus. It's being used in a powerful way to share individual points of view and interpretations, but PAH wants to also use it to bring us closer together through the Creative Process. Thus, the Human Spirit lives on.

PAH-FEST:Hollywood 2011 Circus Vision Winners

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